Vital Progenix – Read Shocking Side Effects Before Get Your Trial Offer!

Behind the name “Vital Progenix” there is a natural sexual stimulator for men. This completely eliminates the chemical components that are intended to force an erection. This is why you can buy Vital Progenix as a food supplement and save an embarrassing visit to your doctor. The effect strengthens the power and stimulates more intense orgasms. For this purpose, the production of testosterone is stimulated, which as a male sex hormone has an essential part in a fulfilled love life. Vital Progenix is offered in the form of capsules that release their active ingredients to the mucous membranes of the stomach. The effect, therefore, occurs only with a slight delay. The product is available only on the retailer’s website.

How Does the Vital Progenix Effect Work?

Vital Progenix Ingredients

The effect of this natural sexual stimulator occurs on two levels. On the one hand, the blood flow in the erectile tissue is specifically improved. Combined plant active ingredients contribute significantly to the ability of the erectile tissue to absorb and retain more blood over a long period of time. This helps your body improve its erectile function without the use of chemicals. The second effect refers to the level of testosterone, which is also stimulated. If you suffer from a decreased testosterone level, the previous feeling of pleasure returns when you take it. The effect of the capsules does not make you dependent on or hinder the ability to get erections without taking them. In this way, it is possible to verify with relative ease whether the product has a positive effect.

Active ingredients Vital Progenix

What immediately draws the attention of this producer is the publication of the ingredients it contains. While many competitors keep their buyers in the dark on ingredients, this is not the case with this product. Here you can do some research in advance, which ingredients should help you stimulate your libido in the future. These pure plant components of the formula include, among others:

Citrulline: Citrulline is an amino acid, which is preferably found in pumpkin plants. Most of the citrulline plant is found in watermelons. Citrulline acts in two ways within this agent. Firstly, testosterone formation is stimulated. If a too low testosterone level is responsible for your weak libido, you can find a remedy here. Citrulline also improves the structure of blood vessels in the erectile tissue. These can absorb more blood, which makes the erection feel much firmer and lasts longer as a desired side effect.

Muira Puama: Almost no other ingredient is so rich in natural sexual stimulators like Muira Puama. This is extracted from a tree of the same name in South America. Only wood and tree roots are used for this. The effect is aimed directly at the power. This prevents both erectile dysfunction and the lack of stress-related erections. The feeling of desire, as well as the sensations during sex, have increased so that Muira Puama keeps a new kick ready again in long-term relationships.

Cordyceps: In Germany, also known by the name of Ophiocordycipitaceae, the Cordyceps ranks among the pipe mushrooms. This fungus is also known to positively promote the formation of sex hormones. The Cordyceps also stimulates the cardiovascular system so that this new desire can be fully exploited. This leads to better resistance, which will certainly not go unnoticed by your partner.

Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba is the leaves of the ginkgo tree native to Asia and China. These are mixed in powdered natural ground sexual stimulators and after ingestion ensure that the muscles in the vessels of the erectile tissue become more receptive to blood in inflow. The amount of blood can thus be greatly increased. For many users, this also leads to an increase in erection size.

Maca Root: Only the root is used in the Maca plant native to South America. This is offered in America both in powder and in tablets as sexual stimulators. Once taken, the maca root improves blood flow in the pelvis and helps allow more blood to flow into the erectile tissue. However, an artificial erection is not obtained.

Who Needs Vital Progenix?

The target group for this product consists exclusively of men. Women should avoid taking testosterone, as stimulation of testosterone production can cause side effects such as increased body hair. As with all sexual stimulators, this manufacturer advises against taking them up to the age of 18 or older. However, there is no upper limit for recruitment. If you have to struggle with power problems only with age, the application is just as recommended as in the younger years. In addition to men who want to improve their erectile function, Vital Progenix is also suitable for you, if you just want to positively influence the length of sex.

How To Use Vital Progenix?

You can choose the application relatively freely. Either you take the capsules every day as a cure or you are using them specifically for a more enjoyable sexual experience. If you take the capsules a day it should become a routine. The easiest way is to take the capsules in the morning or in the evening. It is also possible to combine the intake with meals. One capsule is usually sufficient per day, so you can experience the positive effects relatively quickly. In order to swallow the capsules better, it is advisable to provide a glass of water. Avoid removing the active ingredient from the capsules, so that the active ingredients actually have effect only in the stomach. If used before sex, a period of at least 30 minutes must be chosen for this purpose.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Vital Progenix?

Vital Progenix Reviews

Vital Progenix Advantages:

Capsules already dosed

100% vegetable active ingredients

No addiction effect

Not available in pharmacies

Vital Progenix Disadvantages:

Order possible only via the website

Vital Progenix Benefits:

One of the major benefits of Vital Progenix is the dosage already made by the manufacturer. This allows you to make the intake at any time without having to make a precise dosage per gram. This allows you to take the capsules easily on the go or on vacation. The appearance of the capsules is also neutral, so no one around you will notice that it is a sexual stimulator. However, a disadvantage must be taken into consideration when ordering. Currently, this is only possible via the German manufacturer’s website. As a result, it is inevitably forced to accept prices in that country, as there is no competition. In return, when ordering, it is 100% safe that you are really getting an original product and no copy of its ingredients is more than questionable.

Are Risks Known for Vital Progenix?

Since Vital Progenix contains only natural ingredients, no side effects should be expected. However, this applies only to the classic side effects. Allergic Vital Progenixs to the ingredients are excluded. Since these are listed very precisely by the manufacturer, it is possible to recognize in advance if you recognize the plants that cause allergy. There are no known interactions with other food supplements or drugs. Since intake also has a positive influence on blood pressure and the cardiovascular system, if necessary it is necessary to discuss the intake with your GP. In this way, you avoid influencing therapies already started.

General Test:

The most important qualitative characteristic is the use of purely vegetable active ingredients. These guarantee that no effect of habituation occurs even during a longer period of use. Furthermore, your sex life is not determined by your assumption. Blood flow in the erectile tissue has improved, but no erection is forced. Sex is therefore not directly linked to ingestion. This allows you and your partner the freedom to continue enjoying spontaneity in the life of love.

General Experience

The opinions for this sexual stimulator to strengthen libido are currently still very poor. Most of them are on the manufacturer’s website. However, it soon becomes apparent that these have been translated and therefore the content is often difficult to understand. If the opinions of independent buyers are important to you, it is worth looking for forums for men who have power problems. In these pages, the members also exchange their experiences with sexual stimulators. This allows you to make your opinion dependent not only on the manufacturer’s advertising. Here you can read about other customer experiences!

What is the Price of Vital Progenix?

As Vital Progenix is only available on the manufacturer’s website, prices and discounts are available only here. As is usual with many manufacturers, this company also grants a discount on the first order. It is currently 50% and allows you to test the capsules at a particularly attractive price. The subscription is not automatically deactivated with the order. This way you can convince yourself of the effect before placing a new order. Since the capsules do not indicate the content, you can take them without informing your partner. If the promised effect appears, the partner notices him without words.

Where can I Buy Vital Progenix?

To order Vital Progenix, you must first visit the manufacturer’s website. To increase your power and your libido you have to leave your name and your phone number. You will then receive a call from a customer advisor and complete the order. It will also inform you about the latest offers so you can decide on the best offer when ordering. Naturally, the package will be sent in a neutral package. You can then let a neighbor accept the package without worrying that he will not draw any conclusions about the content.

Vital Progenix