Provitazol – Breakthrough Testosterone Pill Really Works? Free Trial Here!

Provitazol is one of the best testosterone boosters currently available on the market. It is a clinically proven formula made from natural ingredients. This supplement for men increases male libido and optimizes physical endurance. It also contains active ingredients that promote fat loss.

It can help in lean muscle mass. This all-natural formula is guaranteed without any side effects. Its use will bring a lot of benefits to your health.

Why Use Provitazol?

With the Provitazol supplement, it is possible to naturally boost your testosterone level. However, it has other actions on the body such as increasing energy, improving mood, or controlling weight.

  • Ultra powerful testosterone booster
  • 100% natural product
  • Improves sexual performance
  • Increases vitality and endurance
  • Melts fats
  • Regulates cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Clinically proven formula

Today, we will deliver our test and our opinion on Provitazol, a new booster, all fresh hot…

But will it revolutionize the world of boosters? Or is it just another scam?

What is Provitazol?

Provitazol ReviewsFirst of all, Provitazol should not be confused with Enhance XL (which is another brand of bodybuilding products), which we had already tested some time ago here. Provitazol is a brand new product, and it is with even more apprehension that we tested this product. Nevertheless, do not form an opinion too quickly on this product, because you might well be very surprised, as we have been…

As usual, who says new company necessarily says little information. This is quite normal since they have just started, so they have not yet renamed (hint: which should not belong in our opinion). We know that the company producing the Provitazol is based in Great Britain. Subsequently, for lack of better, we simply studied their website, to gauge the seriousness of the brand…

And without even looking at the ingredients, we can deduce that they are serious. An official site provided with his “live chat” allowing you to ask your questions and get live answers thanks to a member of their team. But still, an FAQ section, a test to see if your testosterone level is low, and a complete list of ingredients,…

In short, a company that cares about its consumers and refuses all areas of shadows or secrets.

All We Love! Finally Transparency!

If we had to add something about their website, it is that it is really pretty to look at, very beautiful design. Judge by yourself…

But that’s not all, we would do well to continue a little because all this is perhaps the powder in the eyes, Indeed, only the ingredients and their effectiveness can give us an idea of the potential of this product. But just before that, let’s see what the producer has to say about his product.

How Does Provitazol Work?

Provitazol comes from a combination of powerful and effective products, known to naturally stimulate testosterone production.

Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc Gluconate and Ginseng Extract: boost testosterone, libido, strength and physical stamina. They also act on growth and WordPress muscle development. The perfect combination of excellent fitness.

Selenium, D-Aspartic Acid and vitamins B and D: have antioxidant properties, benefits on metabolism and soothing virtues. They eliminate bad cholesterol and toxins for a healthier body.

Provitazol 100% Natural Ingredients:

It may be repeated, but it is not uncommon that some brands of bodybuilding products are very vague about their ingredients. Obtaining our task extremely more complex.

But not that here, all the ingredients are clearly communicated, no need to hide anything for Provitazol and that’s good.

D-Aspartic Acid:

D-Aspartic acid is the main ingredient of this booster. It is one of the twenty amino acids that make up proteins. It is formed mainly in the pituitary, a small gland located at the base of the skull, the hypothalamus (another part of the brain) and the testicles (that, I guess you know where they are). Aspartic acid D is an amino acid, so it is essential in the formation and development of muscles, libido, and testosterone. Several scientific studies prove it, like this one, on the very serious Us National Library of Medicine. And if you want to know all the details about D aspartic acid, we invite you to read or reread, our article on this subject.

Tribulus Terrestris:

Tribulus Terrestris is a plant that will also act on the hypothalamus and increase the secretion of lutein hormone or LH. Remember that this lutein hormone controls and regulates the production of testicles. But it also acts on Leydig cells, which synthesize testosterone. As a result, increased lutein hormones and free testosterone levels. But also your libido! To be honest, this ingredient is found in many boosters, but what changes the deal here is that there is a larger amount (300mg) compared to others. Without individual the main component… A good point in our opinion, especially as we know the scientific benefits of this plant. To learn more about Tribulus Terrestris, take a look at our article about it.

Panax Ginseng:

Ginseng is native to China and Korea. Its use goes back more than 400 years. This root is full of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. The benefits of Ginseng are legions. Its greatest asset is nevertheless its aphrodisiac effect, also known as the dawn of time. But its benefits are much more numerous. It boosts vitality, energy and offers more endurance. Precious help for any self-respecting bodybuilder! Useful also for the concentration and to defend oneself from the stress caused by a heavy physical effort for example. Finally, ginseng has a positive effect on sleep, which becomes more restorative.


Fenugreek or Trigonella Fenugreek is a herbaceous plant. Like ginseng, its use is millenary. It combines perfectly with the other ingredients of this booster, as it increases your sexual desire and the potential for orgasms. He is also an effective estrogen destroyer. In summary, Fenugreek allows you to maintain your energy, your strength, as well as maintain good cardiovascular health.


Zinc is known by many athletes because of its effect on testosterone. It is also aphrodisiac, but this trace element is also indispensable for sexual maturity. And it is indeed not for nothing that we advise you to eat oysters to warm your machine… because they are filled with Zinc quite simply! In addition, all doctors will advise a patient complaining of a lack of energy, or physical weakness, a good cure for Zinc. Like any trace mineral, zinc is not too much to take. But in Provitazol, we are told that the booster will provide 97% of our daily Zinc needs.

Vitamins B2, B5, and B6:

A triple dose of vitamin B in Provitazol. One of the most important vitamins for bodybuilding, for its energy supply, thanks to the aid to the conversion of carbohydrates. This vitamin mix will also help metabolize your amino acids and create serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, we make it when we eat chocolate, for example, and it gives us this feeling of happiness and peace while fighting against changes in mood. Small additional information, vitamin B2 to be found elsewhere in some very famous energy drink.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is naturally created by our skin when exposed to the sun. This vitamin fights against depression play a role in the synthesis of proteins and help the body to absorb calcium. As a reminder, calcium is beneficial for strengthening bones. There is also a study here, endorsing the fact that this vitamin has a positive effect on testosterone. This study shows that by giving vitamin D to one overweight group, and a placebo to another group, not only did people in the group who consumed vitamin D lose more fat, but their testosterone climbed.


Selenium increases the mobility of sperm, but it is also an antioxidant to remove bad toxins from your body. It is also attributed as a benefit a drop in blood pressure.

Cholecalciferol (D3):

This funny name simply hides vitamin D3. Its main role is the mineralization of bones and cartilage. To make it clear, it helps to fix calcium or phosphorus in bone tissue. We have already talked about calcium. But phosphorus is not left behind. In fact, it allows a good metabolism of fats and sugars. In addition to this, it is also an important constituent of ATP, allowing a reserve and a strong release of energy. So, ideal to train intensely.

Will Provitazol Work for You?

Provitazol is a formula that works. You can safely take up to 4 capsules daily to boost your testosterone. With this supplement for men, you will get to do more intense physical activities and be more successful in bed. You can also optimize your dry weight gain with the help of this ultimate testosterone booster.

Visual Benefits:

On the site, we describe this booster as a product increasing strength and endurance, thanks to an improvement in the size of the muscles. Provitazol also helps us gain concentration at work or during our free time (in the room for example). He would fight against fatigue, irritability, and weight problems. And finally, it would be beneficial for our libido and against the loss of muscle tone due to age. And all thanks to a mix of 100% natural products! Well, it’s not bad as a program!

Let’s just hope that Provitazol keeps its promises…

Provitazol Disadvantages:

The ingredients of Provitazol have been carefully selected for their ability to boost testosterone and improve your well-being. There is no hazard of side effects. Clinical tests on this product have confirmed the absence of adverse effects.

However, it is not recommended for men under 18 and those suffering from heart problems or under medical treatment. Consult your physician if in doubt.

Are thereĀ Provitazol any Side Effects?

Provitazol is totally devoid of side effects. The ingredients are 100% natural and proven. It is a safe product, designed to naturally stimulate testosterone.

It is suitable for men wishing to optimize the effects of their training, increase their libido, assert their manhood … You will not run any risk by opting for this product.

Users Reviews About Provitazol

We have browsed the forums, mostly English… Because again, this product is brand new and the English market is much more fond, responsive and strict in terms of bodybuilding products.

Result: The majority of reviews are positive, see very positive.

Consumers are charmed by the price but also the professionalism of this new brand. And especially the outcome obtained. The only small part of the dissatisfaction came from the fact that most consumers thought that Provitazol would act in less than 5 days. Which is simply impossible, no matter the booster. There are still people who think about the miracle but guys you have to stop smoking!

Provitazol Cost and Dosage

As I speak, the best deal of Provitazol is a pack containing 600 capsules and a free book on testosterone, for a price of 149.85 $. With a dosage of 4 capsules per day, it will cost you only 1 euro per day! It is the first time in the history that one tests a product as inexpensive and effective.

Provitazol Recommendation

Well, you may have already understood, but we are really seduced. It is rare to find a new product with so many good points…

And above all, we feel that we do not care about us with a clear list of ingredients and a very professional team. We even think that Provitazol will climb the stairs and join male Enhancement program (the must) in our ranking of the best t-boosters. Their site even contains a test to determine if your testosterone levels are low, an FAQ section and a live chat. In short, finally the feeling that a brand does not take us for pigeon spitting tickets. It is up to y’all to obtain your choice. But one thing is certain, we recommend this product warmly…

Taking Provitazol is Enjoying all its Benefits and Advantages:

  • Increase your testosterone levels
  • Have an optimal libido
  • Get stronger erections
  • Improve your sexual performance
  • Be dynamic throughout the day
  • Eliminate fat and get lean muscles
  • Improve your mood
  • Use a 100% natural product without side effects
  • 60-day money back guarantee

In summary

Provitazol Pros:

+ An incredibly attractive price;

+ The seriousness and transparency of the producer;

+ Natural ingredients;

+ The avant-garde dosage;

+ 100% money back.

Provitazol Cons:

– Only available via the official website;

– Site not yet translated into French, due to the novelty of the product.


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