Nuvigor RX – Is it Effective or Not? Read Review Before Order Trial Bottle!

Nuvigor RxAs a man in my mid 30’s, a supplement like Nuvigor RX is absolutely necessary if it works. I have been looking for a supplement to help improve my performance under the sheets for some time now as lately I have little to no interest and once the moment does come I lack in performance. My wife has already complained about this issue and with every passing day, I feel like I am losing her. I no longer feel like a real man and with work and stress, the last thing I think about is sex. I went on a mission to find a supplement that could help me as I heard there is a way to help reverse this problem. Unfortunately after trying out several supplements I am still left without real results. After signing up for several newsletters I received an ad for Nuvigor RX. It seemed like something that could possibly work.

My main concern is not getting involved in any scam websites and selecting a supplement that is safe. At this ripe age, I want to make sure that if I take something it is safe and healthy without any serious side effects. If I am to spend a lot of money on a supplement I want real results without causing other problems.

What is Nuvigor RX?

This product is basically the answer for every man that has had problems achieving their full potential under the covers. Today the modern stressful lives we live tend to sap our strength and energy all the while depleting our libido. As the official website of Nuvigor RX says this supplement will help you recapture your libido, masculinity, and sexual power. By taking two pills of this supplement every day you will be able to see visible results anywhere from several weeks to 6 months depending on your body and how it interacts with the ingredients.

How does Nuvigor RX Work?

All the Information about Nuvigor RX I have found on the official website. Just putting it in a more organized form and offering you my personal thoughts on what they state. What this product claims to achieve is enhance your body’s ability to produce testosterone. If this is true then this could be the answer for many men in their mid 30’s as it is at this point that testosterone begins to drop drastically. It also has the ability to stimulate blood flow to the penis.

Low testosterone levels have numerous symptoms including low energy levels and primarily low libido. The combination of ingredients has demonstrated clinically their ability to enhance the production of testosterone. You will experience testosterone boost benefits such as:

Elevated enjoyment of an overall sexual performance

Massive increase in sex drive and libido

Boost in overall well-being and energy

Basically, if later, you haven’t really been feeling like yourself one of the main reasons could be low testosterone. This usually goes undiagnosed when it is such a simple problem to solve.

Nuvigor RX also claims to enhance erections as well. This is possible through increasing blood flow to erectile tissues and primarily to the two spongy areas called corpora cavernous on each side of the penis. As you get aroused blood flows to these areas naturally, but with this supplement, the amount of blood is much more which results in a vigorous erection that is firmer and easier to control.

Ingredients in Nuvigor RX

My biggest problem with supplements these days is their overall lack of information or inaccurate information. As no supplement has FDA approved you there is no real control over their claims and promises, not to mention that they could be completely unsafe and ineffective yet there is no way to really confirm this unless you try. One thing I did like about Nuvigor RX is that it did give a list of ingredients, and even the inactive ingredients, but it did not provide a supplement facts sheet which would have provided me with the actual amount of each ingredient which would have been nice.

Epimedium Grandiflorum (Horny Goat Weed) – I have seen this ingredient in several other supplements with over 2000 years use as a sexual stimulate a 1984 study by the University of Peking it was discovered that the ingredient contains a chemical that has same properties as Viagra. MY FINDINGS: Unfortunately there is actually insufficient evidence for its actual effectiveness and it can even cause some side effects when used a long term such as nosebleeds, thirst, dry mouth, vomiting, and dizziness.

Maca – Known to regulate levels of hormones and enzymes this ingredient has been used for centuries by the early South Americans in order to help treat problems associated with erectile dysfunction, male fertility, and impotence. MY FINDINGS: It actually is possibly effective for improving sexual desire for men and is considered safe.

Yohimbe – This alkaloid with stimulate and aphrodisiac is known to be effective in treating male impotence in human studies. MY FINDINGS: Though it is considered possibly effective for impotence, sexual dysfunction, and has shown insufficient evidence for erectile dysfunction this ingredient is considered UNSAFE as there are reports that it has been linked to severe side effects such as heart attack, seizures, kidney failure, rapid and irregular heartbeat, and more. This ingredient alone is what kept me from ordering the supplement.

Tribulus Terrestris – Widely used by Indian Ayurvedic practitioners throughout history it is known to increase testosterone levels. MY FINDINGS: Though there is insufficient evidence for this it is considered safe.

Nuvigor Rx

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – It has the ability to increase HGH levels which lead to euphoric and passionate feelings before and during ejaculation. MY FINDINGS: Though I could not find sufficient information about its effectiveness it is considered safe.

Muira Puama – Used traditionally for treating sexual dysfunction this Amazonian herb is used commonly as an aphrodisiac. MY FINDINGS: There is actually insufficient evidence on this ingredient and it is not known if it is safe or if it has side effects. This alone worries me that the supplement has such a badly researched ingredient.

Catuaba Bark – This Brazilian tree bark is noted several times in its description as being safe and effective to treat sexual dysfunction and is considered an aphrodisiac that is safe for long periods of time. The active chemicals have been believed to ease symptoms of erectile dysfunction as it stimulates the nervous system. MY FINDINGS: Unfortunately with this ingredient, I wasn’t able to find any information as well. There simply aren’t enough tests and researches done on it to ensure it is effective and safe and does not cause any serious side effects. It’s interesting though that they insisted on noting several times how safe it really is.

Xanthoparmelia Scabrous – This lichen is known to relax muscles around blood vessels of the penis by increasing blood flow into the actual erectile tissue resulting in more powerful erections. MY FINDINGS: There is actually insufficient evidence of its effectiveness and may also be considered UNSAFE as it contains poisonous chemicals that may cause healthy body cells to die. That’s pretty scary.

Cnidium Monnier – Nitric Oxide production booster which ensures that you get an enhanced erection by dilating blood vessels. It also helps improve blood flow to the penis and is known to work similarly to Xanthoparmelia Scabrous. MY FINDINGS: There is insufficient evidence of its effectiveness and there is simply not enough information about the safety of this ingredient.

If you ask me this list of ingredients simply does not do it for me. Aside from the numerous ineffective ingredients and those that still have to be proven to be effective, there are others that are simply unsafe. I refuse to cause a problem in my body to fix another problem, hence the reason I am looking for a natural way to fix this problem of mine. It simply looks like they threw in all of the ingredients that even have rumors of being effective in the sack.

More on Nuvigor RX

I found some more random information on the product throughout the website that I found useful and interesting.

When to expect results: there are reports that users have seen results as little as several weeks of taking Nuvigor RX but generally within 3 months of use about 28% of users have seen a significant improvement in erectile quality. This, of course, varies between men and in general significant results occur between 3-6 months.

One thing I found interesting about Nuvigor RX is that they state that each ingredient is approved by FDA. I have done some digging and honestly, even on the official FDA website, I couldn’t find information as to how to confirm a particular ingredient is FDA approved. Also, throughout my research on each ingredient, I couldn’t find information about FDA approval for the particular ingredient. I think it is put there so as to make you think that the product is approved by FDA so as to make it look more effective and safer when in fact no supplement on the market is FDA approved and you should never trust a website claims that Nuvigor RX is fully approved. They may have one or several ingredients approved though.

Benefits of Taking Nuvigor RX

Boost Testosterone Naturally

Increase Sexual Endurance and Performance

Boost Sexual Appetite and Libido

Go Longer and Gains in Ejaculations

Powerful Orgasms

Rock Hard Erections

These benefits honestly aren’t all that impressive as every supplement on the market today for male enhancement offers just this and more, the question is if they deliver.

How to Buy and Terms

Another problem I usually face when looking for a supplement online is their terms of purchase. What I liked about this page is that it did not have some horrible auto ship membership program. On the other hand, they constantly push their money back guarantee which I will tell you all about in a little bit.

Nuvigor RX Packages:

6 Month Package – 6 Bottles + Free Gift + Quantum Pills – $419.95

4 Month Package – 4 Bottles + Free Gift – $315.95

Nuvigor RX Bottles:

3 Month Supply – 3 Bottles – $244.95

2 Month Supply – 2 Bottles – $169.95

1 Month Supply – 1 Bottle – $89.95

Aside from the prices being outrageous it just doesn’t offer much information the packages and what are these free gifts aside from a picture.

Return Policy – Money Back Guarantee: Though I really didn’t get too into it as I decided against ordering this supplement I found it really interesting that in order to take advantage of their money back guarantee you had to order at least 2 bottles of Nuvigor RX. You have 60 days to contact them and state that you want to return the bottles. At which point they will provide you with the necessary information and steps as to how to send the product back and get your money back. Make sure you read their Return Policy and Guarantee very carefully when purchasing.

Why I Buy Nuvigor RX?

I think at this point I have tried too many supplements that were ineffective, and many of which turned out to be far from safe and had numerous side effects. Though many of the ingredients found in Nuvigor RX So I considered safe it is important to remember that there are still others that are specifically noted as UNSAFE to use. I think I have poisoned my body enough and am hoping to find a safer supplement to help me with my problem.

Nuvigor Rx

Another problem I have with Nuvigor RX is the outrageous price for something that has not really been proven to be effective just yet. Though don’t take my word for it and if the ingredient list does not faze you I think perhaps it may be an effective supplement. My research could be wrong or perhaps there are new researchers that I haven’t found that show effectiveness and safety. Plus, you are not stuck in some auto-ship program which you are most likely going to get suckered into with other supplements. I personally will not order Nuvigor RX but that doesn’t mean you have to take my word for it and not try it yourself.

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