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Lumiday – Whether it’s against fatigue, stress or simply to stay in shape, our body needs to be maintained. The brain is the central organ of the nervous system, it plays a key role in steering the functioning of our body. Not only do the meninges ensure overall coordination, but most importantly, they are the backbone of all our daily activities. Living in a modern world, we miss more and more stimulator to activate our gray matter.

According to scientific research, eating well is not enough to feed the brain. The rations we usually eat often lack essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Nutritional supplements appear then as a good ally to palliate this deficiency in nutritive contributions.


Nutritional supplements are foods presented in the form of an oral solution, herbal tea, capsules, capsules or tablets whose essential role is to supplement the usual foods. Like our carnal envelope, our brain needs to be nourished to ensure good mental health. The substances it needs are just as important as those that preserve the rest of the metabolism.

Lumiday – Nutritional Supplements to be on Top of its Mental Form

Lumiday is a dietary supplement, a stimulator of intelligence. Benefiting from a revolutionary formula, it has been designed to supplement the daily contributions necessary for the proper functioning of the brain.

Used in a variety of areas, such as health and well-being maintenance, they are an important source of substances with nutritional or psychological effects. Whether your need is general or specific, various dietary supplements exist to fill it. Having the advantage of appropriating natural components, dietary supplements are simply beneficial to boost intelligence.

Moreover, research has shown that to act directly on neurotransmitters, we must activate a large number of substances in our body. The drugs have the ability to remedy quickly, but it is still necessary to evaluate their side effects in the summer of general health.

It promotes enthusiasm, strengthens neuronal cells and stabilizes the level of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter involved in learning and memory.

How Does Lumiday Work?

To work well, our nervous system needs specific foods. Oxygen and glucose are the main engines of its development.

Here are three elements that are essential to him every day:

The omega 3, the effects of which act directly on the formation of neurons;

A good dose of antioxidants, to fight against free radicals;

The amino acids that positively affect the cognitive faculty.

For the latter, neurotransmitters and melatonin are essential, the former being the stimulators of memory and intelligence, while melatonin allows us to sleep lead. A requirement of our gray matter to regenerate.

Overall, for proper brain hygiene, we need nearly 40 daily nutrients, including 15 minerals, 13 vitamins and trace elements, 2 to 4 essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) and 8 to 10 essential amino acids. Not to mention iron to fix oxygen, vitamin B1 for energy, trio B6-B9-B12 for the needs of neurons. There is also vitamin E, selenium, manganese, copper and zinc to fight free radicals, and of course, lipids to strengthen its structure in the long term.

Although we pay close attention to our diet, its quantity will not be enough to meet all these needs.

Lumiday and Your Intelligence

Lumiday Ingredients

As for its composition, do not be afraid to stuff your brain. Lumiday is entirely natural. Each of its ingredients has been tested and tested in the laboratory, following very advanced technological standards. Chosen with care, these nutrients contain amino acids and vitamin B6. Therefore, their taking is harmless for use in the short or long term.

With components that can act especially on cognitive functions, Lumiday’s mixtures have very advantageous virtues for the intelligence. From an authentic extract, these nootropic elements are cleansed without caffeine, gluten or GMO ingredients. They pose no risk to the human body while revitalizing the nerve cells.

Specially Qualified Ingredients

Water hyssop:

Coming from a culture from western India, Waterhyssop has been used as medicine since ancient times. From the acetylcholine family, this plant is one of the most used thanks to its proven effectiveness on memory, cognition, and balance of the brain. Apart from its stimulatory powers, it has antioxidant characteristics.

An improvement in memory, intellectual potential, and speed of reactivity is observed after having followed the perfect diet plan. Not to mention the feeling of relaxation and soothing thanks to the extract of this herb.


In the family of periwinkles, Vinpocetine is mainly cultivated in the center and in the south of Europe. For its medicinal properties, it is known for its vocation to promote the fluidity of blood and the regeneration of dead cells in the nervous system, a significant contribution to the transmission of air and food in the cervical organs.

Vinpocetine also strengthens the faculty of neuromodulators. The role of the latter being primordial since it is they who facilitate understanding and sharpen intellectual sensitivity.

Vinpocetine is known to be a miraculous extract that can even eliminate toxins by its antioxidant nature.

Ginkgo biloba:

Naturalized in southeastern China, Ginkgo biloba has been used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times. They are powerful antioxidants whose action helps to stimulate intelligence. Also known for its ability to give energy, Ginkgo undoubtedly accentuates cerebral reflexes.

As a result, taking it regularly has an immediate effect on the memory, while increasing it tenfold. It reduces or even delays mental decay and age-related diseases.

In addition, research has shown that Ginkgo biloba amplifies insight and ingenuity. Not to mention the improvement of the circulatory system of blood passing into the brain and its antioxidant quality.

Acetyl-L Carnitine:

The use of acetyl-L carnitine or ALCAR produces beneficial results on the mechanism of the brain. More fishing, the ability to retain and learn with ease, are some of the benefits of ALCAR. His preventive composition grants him, among other things, revitalizing virtues.

ALCAR also increases the speed of memory and helps you to be better involved in multitasking. Profitable characters leading to more lucidity and clairvoyance.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine, by the neuroprotective, ensures proper conditioning of the brain. Also, you can see some relaxation in the nervous system until the disappearance of toxins in the same area. The speed in linking information to the brain is also increasing.

How to Use and Effective Results

Not only does promote the ability of neuromodulators, but it also sharpens the mental faculty, so all brain function is regenerated.

Regular intake stimulates memory, either immediately or in the long term. Subtly helping you develop attention, it will make you brighter and more awake during work hours. Which will enable you to be more painful?

For that, the ideal would be to use it, with a glass of water, in the morning to give more life to your day.

Testimonials – Real People:

Tim Dowd, CEO and Business Creator, is a big businessman. His work takes him a lot of intellectual energies. Thanks to Lumiday, he can produce more easily and quickly.

David Folia, Advertising Manager, He finds his speed of reactivity increased with his lucidity, only in less than a month. In the morning he has punch and feels less nervous about his various tasks. He regrets not having known Lumiday rather.

Eric Shepard, Chef, Performs daily tasks that require great organizational skills. Today, he is grateful because Lumiday supports him in the management of his time and his concentration.

Thomas Lowe, Ambulance Technician, He has a delicate job whose slightest gesture would affect the lives of more than one person. The fact of taking Lumiday made it agiler and especially more informed.

Jacob Holder, a Junior Tennis Pro, enjoys an occupation that requires great subtlety, imagination and discernment. Lumiday is a great help every time it needs to be applied in the field or anywhere else.

Lina Than, MMA Fighter, It is a great support in her thinking and improves her ability to grasp things much faster than before. And it always works even when it is weaker.

Tom McAllister, Co-Pilot, Being Co-Pilot requires being well-applied over a long period of time, but Lumiday has solved all its concerns.

Jen, a Radio Personality, has become smarter and more motivated. He realizes that he communicates better than before and that he gains in insurance. To be on top of your form, first, he advises Lumiday.

Shannon, A Law Student, is following a study that requires memorizing skills, with lots of documents to memorize. Since taking Lumiday, she has found the answer to her problems, she is very satisfied. Now, she works by being more applied and her grades are better.

Surfer Pro. Being a surfer demands that we be fast enough to face the possibilities against a wave of 7 meters high. It is incredibly supportive in its decision-making, which is critical to its survival.

Where to Buy Lumiday?

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