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Levira Skin – Main Problems of the Skin After the Age of 30

Loss of shape, loose skin in 88% of women
Large pores and irritated skin in 83% of women
First deep wrinkles in 71% of women
Uneven appearance of the complexion in 44% of women

A Revolution in Rejuvenation

Levira Skin

Pure spring water, balanced composition and dozens of proactive vegetative ingredients provide intense anti-aging care and you will recover the youth of your skin. The innovative solutions in cosmetology give a visible result within several days.

Levira Skin has a light texture that makes it stand out among other products. Make yourself a gift: a luxury of delicate care that gently repairs your skin! Thanks to a subtle floral smell, taking care of yourself every day becomes a pleasant ritual.

Causes of Skin Aging

Estrogen deficiency Estrogen makes our skin smooth, smooth and even. The level of the hormone diminishes with age.

Stress and nervousness Good and bad emotions leave their small traces on the face and over time they become wrinkles.

Lack of Collagen gives our skin the ability to repair itself. Its deficiency results in the loss of facial toning and the shape of V.

Influence of the environment the harmful substances present in the air and water clog the pores of our skin and cause inflammation.

An Efficiency Secret:

Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid can increase the percentage of moisture much more than any other product and, at the same time, revitalizes the outer layers of the skin so that they have a softer appearance and feel and, above all, are radically hydrated. This is how it instantly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Avocado oil the beta-carotene, proteins, lecithin, unsaturated fats and vitamins A, D and E contained in avocado oil help to saturate and shield your skin from the harm of UV beams and furthermore quicken the digestion of the skin.

The revitalizing extracts are produced without using alcohol, alkaline substances or glycerin. The cream has the highest possible content of healthy components because its processing is completely natural. Nature itself endows Levira Skin with energy.

Complex Effect

Levira Skin brings health and firmness to your skin, eliminates wrinkles and imperfections.

Hydration and nutrition Vitamins and minerals give the skin its natural glow. Get a healthy and shiny complexion thanks to regular hydration.

Softness Proactive substances eliminate wrinkles on the face and the area around the eyes. The skin becomes soft and the face regains its natural shape.

Protection Proactive substances and strong SPF filters protect your skin from bad influences from the environment. Wrinkles and dull complexions are a thing of the past.

Experts Recommend

Levira Skin has proven its effectiveness. Its main advantage is complex care. The cream can be used as a complete program of facial rejuvenation or as a preventive measure. The wrinkles soften perfectly and the complexion becomes more uniform. I recommend this cream to all those people who want to improve the quality of their skin and who need to protect it from any defect. After all, the dry and scaly skin can wrinkle in a few days and then it is very difficult to soften those fine lines.

Elizabeth Carmona, cosmetologist

Comments From Real Women

I achieved the result in 10 days. I did not have deep wrinkles, but I had a lot of small marks and the color of my skin also needed to improve. With the Levira Skin cream, the wrinkles have disappeared and my face skin is so fresh, it seems I am less than 30 years old.

Ana, 37 Years Old

Achieved the result in 14 days Not long ago I bought the Levira Skin cream and I am already satisfied with the result: my face is firmer and my wrinkles have diminished. In addition, the pores have narrowed. Presently I adore looking in the mirror. And the most important thing is that the results are visible in two days.

Lola, 39 Years Old

Achieved the result in 13 days After 40, the skin is no longer the same and I did not think that this cream could help me. But Levira Skin is really effective: my face is fresher, the color is no longer so thin and the wrinkles have disappeared. I’m very happy

Maria, 44 Years Old

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